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Susan Feldman

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Liz Bywater, PhD

Bywater Consulting Group


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Edward Ajaeb

Nighthawk Strategies
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Mary Ellen Bates

Bates Information Services
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Judith Binder

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Jennifer Burke

IntelliCraft Research, LLC
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Connie Crosby

Crosby Group Consulting
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Chrissy Geluk

Librarian At Your Service LLC
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Mark Goldstein

International Research Center
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Matthew Von Hendy

Green Heron Information Services
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Anne Hengehold

Clarify Information Services
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Valeria Hunter

Hunter Knowledge and Insights, LLC
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Cliff Kalibjian

Mr. Health Search
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Marge King

InfoRich Group, Inc.
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Rhonda Kleiman

Rhonda Kleiman Group
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Karen Klein

Fulcrum Information Resources
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Jan Knight

Bancroft Information Services
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Jane Langeman

Langeman Consulting
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Ellen Naylor

The Business Intelligence Source
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Kathaleen Porter

Adept Information Solutions
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Michelle Rawl

Rawl Research, Inc.
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Linda Rink

Rink Consulting
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Cindy Shamel

Shamel Information Services
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Loretta Shaw

LMRS Information Services LLC
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Kirsten Smith

Kirsten J Smith
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Phyllis Smith

ITK Vector Inc.
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Ulla de Stricker

de Stricker Associates
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Jan Sykes

Information Management Services, Inc.
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Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

I can write about anything®
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Troy Wason

Axxess Point Inc.